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The Civil Law Team at Mateos Legal offers advisory services in general contractual, family and inheritance matters, and leasing and real estate law. Likewise, our firm is especially attentive to estate law, enabling us to offer comprehensive advisory services in estate planning, and the purchase-sale, management and operation of assets, due diligence and construction contracts.

Specialists in this area


Following the 2010 reform of the Criminal Code through the Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Prevention Law, which established a category of corporate criminal liability, companies of all sizes are now obliged to implement crime prevention programs meant to detect and avert criminal liabilities in which the companies and their employees could incur. Nevertheless, regulatory compliance is not limited to the realm of criminal law alone. That is why Mateos Legal covers every angle, to guarantee that companies comply with the law in all relevant areas: criminal, tax, labour, civil and business.


Mateos Legal has longstanding experience in insolvency law, with a multidisciplinary team staffed by lawyers specialised in the different areas that make up the insolvency process: business, procedural, labour and tax matters. Our lawyers advise in pre-insolvency as well as insolvency proceedings, negotiations with financial institutions, defence of creditors’ rights and collateral enforcement.


Public procurement stands for approximately one fifth of Spain’s Gross National Product. Therefore, transactions carried out through this type of procurement come with high price tags, and an impact on other business areas, such as utilities, services or works, on the Spanish domestic market, which forms part of the European market. Within this vast business area, our public works contract expertise makes us stand out in our sector. Our team features leading professionals specialised in public works contracts, with extensive experience, and the vocation to provide our clients with optimal service.


Our lawyers serve as counsel to all stakeholders in the sports business, such as organisations, clubs and athletes. We provide our services and advising in a comprehensive way, in contractual in addition to image and trademark law, regulatory and disciplinary affairs, tax and labour matters.


Mateos Legal has a staff of multidisciplinary lawyers with wide-ranging experience in the legal advising of Internet and e-commerce companies. We take a holistic view of companies devoted to new technologies and we advise them throughout all of their stages of growth. We advise our clients on the digital landscape as it affects their business activity, including legal and contractual compliance, and the defence and representation in the conduct of our clients’ activities.


The high-precision legal-economic team of Mateos Legal advises our business and individual clients on all relevant tax and accounting matters. Our goal is to provide our clients with counsel in an ongoing, effective manner. By doing so, we attempt to achieve an optimisation of taxation and yield for our clients, ensuring they are free from tax trouble and responding to any issues that may affect them.


Family-owned businesses are heavily informed by three areas: property, family and management. Our professionals take an over-arching focus which includes business aspects and relations within the family, and provide advice in all areas, including legal and tax affairs.


The services we provide in labour law are designed comprehensively, and are coordinated with all other legal practice areas. We serve multinational corporations as well as SME’s through our well-staffed team of labour law specialists. Our permanent, ongoing counsel enables us to foresee certain situations, and be able to offer the most effective solution in each case. That way, we avert any unnecessary expenses, and conflicts with employees and the Social Security administration. The design of optimal strategies in collective bargaining and individual dismissal processes helps make labour litigation unnecessary. However, if it is ever required, our team is prepared take a legal leadership role over all kinds of procedures in the social jurisdiction.


At Mateos Legal we commit to our clients, and provide the most suitable solutions to their needs and interests, designing legal actions whenever necessary. We offer all-encompassing procedural-civil services, the result of our diverse and lauded experience in judicial and arbitration procedure in every jurisdiction and instance. Our team is also backed by its robust experience in conflict prevention through prior advising and negotiation.


The Mateos Legal Intellectual and Industrial Property team offers comprehensive guidance on our clients’ intangible assets, developing protection strategies and acting on their behalf before the Spanish Patents and Trademarks Office (SPTO), European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), as well as in litigation before national and international courts.


Companies’ comprehensive needs in business and corporate law are handled by our Corporate-Business Department. Not only do we cover the formal and legal needs of companies’ day-to-day operations, we also provide legal solutions to new business challenges and projects.


Urban planning, land management and interventions in urban construction and protection all form a key part of administrative law. Our professionals advise on the development of urban planning, its management and execution, as well as urban regulations and building permits.

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